Battlegoat Interview

Written by: Waffen

Gruesome duo Battlegoat from Finland have released their debut demo recently. Belching forth an aggressive thrash influenced primitive style of Black Metal they stormed the Hell Furnace gates and savaged our questions. Behold.

Tell us about Battlegoat and its purpose?

We exist to invoke the berserk within a modern man.

Tell us about the themes for your music and lyrics, is BG based upon satanic ideals or perhaps your own ideas or philosophies?

Our music is thrash-influenced black metal. Lyrically Battlegoat is based upon satanism, left hand path philosophy and Nordic mythology.

Now the demo is out are you writing material for a full length release?

Yes. We already have most of the material written actually, so the debut album is on it’s way.

Where do you seen Battlegoat five years from now?

It doesn’t matter as long as we do what we want to do.

The two of you are also members of the pagan metal band Thiermes whose material is very different to what BG offer. What musical enrichment do you get from BG that you don’t from Thiermes

Primitive fury.

It doesn’t sound like it to me but was it difficult at times to write the Battlegoat material without accidentally slipping into Thiermes territory?

No, since Thiermes is not active nowadays. And as you said, they are not that similar projects.Battlegoat is what we represent today, Thiermes is not.

Most of the early 1990’s genre founding bands that are still active seem to have been drawn into releasing mass appeal records. Do you think it is possible for a band older than 10 years to carry on making underground albums? Or will they inevitably have to ‘redifine’ themselves for new or expanded audiences?

Of course it is possible. It’s the band that makes the music, not the audience.

While we’re on the subject what do you make of this ‘Post Black Metal’ tag that some bands are now filed under?

Some of those bands are good, others are not. But the existence of such a tag does not make too much sense.

What is it that keeps the Finnish scene so diverse and fresh while other countries seem to be getting stagnant?

The fact that the grass looks always greener on the other side of the fence.

Black Metal seems to be becoming more fragmented too. With this in mind I wondered how relevant you judge the following to Black Metal and give them a rating between 0 and 5: (0=irrelevant, 5=essential).

Corpsepaint: 0,5
Narcotics: 0
Women: 0
Satan: 5
Blizzards: 2
Criminality: 0
Keyboards: 0
Leather: 0
Alcohol: 0
Misanthropy: 5
Forests: 2
Shit: 666
Depression: 1

English conspiracy theorist David Icke claims that the world is run by a shadowy elite who control key positions of power in governments are large influential companies and in conjunction with societies like the masons and the Illuminati. Would you agree that is a fair assumption and how would you teach someone to resist their subtle methods of control?

We don’t give a fuck. Use your brain if you have some & do what thou wilt.

He also claims the British royal family are part of a blood drinking reptilian race of aliens. Whether this is true or not is yet to be proved. Who would you add to this list of individuals?

If we told that to you then we would have to kill you.

A few years back Dark Funeral did a scratch and sniff limited edition which stank of old tyres. If you did one similar what would it smell of?

Steel & rot. But why the hell would we do such a thing?

What is the most disgusting thing you can think of?

Monotheist religions.


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3 Responses to “Battlegoat Interview”

  1. Kratos

    black thrash till death.!!support the battlegoat
    tis black with thrash sound that triggers me.

  2. bee//elle

    I come from a hardcore punk back round. I became interested in black metal about four years ago, I had started playing guitar and was disillusioned by the hardcore punk scene, thus I started listening to and playing black metal. One of the reasons I left the hardcore punk scene was because I felt “looked down upon” because I’m a woman, and that defiantly is no different in the black metal scene. I become disgusted when I read/hear people talking about women the way they do. Women are on the rise playing black metal, the whole “whore” view is irrelevant. Woman share your interests, your hobbies, your lives. There are female black metal musicians across the world, from Japan to the USA. I would love to read more about the female view of black metal on this site. I visit Hell Furnace often and I think if someone did an interview with a woman who played in a black metal band that would be really interesting. No black metal dude could fathom the vehemence that women posses. Are you interested in discovering a different out look? A more intrinsic/vengeful point of view? I’d like to see it. I think Hell Furnace should make an effort in finding out where women stand in the international black metal scene.

    • not sure why you added the comment to this interview as it is more appropriate to Temple of the Maggot or other such bands. However you raise a good point. There are too few women hammering out Black Metal.